Environmental Health & Safety

US Claims Solutions (USCS) is a renowned leader in providing comprehensive solutions to address challenges in the environmental community. They have assembled a diverse team of experts from various fields who possess specialized knowledge and certifications to tackle a wide range of environmental issues. By leveraging the expertise of these professionals, USCS aims to assist clients in navigating complex environmental problems effectively.

Bacteriologists: USCS employs bacteriologists who specialize in the study of bacteria and microbial organisms. They play a crucial role in analyzing environmental samples, identifying microbial contaminants, and determining the potential risks associated with bacterial presence.

Certified Floodplain Managers: Floodplain managers at USCS possess certifications in managing and mitigating flood-related risks. They are well-versed in assessing flood hazards, implementing flood control measures, and working with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with floodplain regulations.

Certified Hazardous Materials Managers: USCS has certified hazardous materials managers who are experts in handling and managing hazardous materials. They assist clients in navigating the complex landscape of hazardous materials regulations, ensuring proper storage, transportation, and disposal practices.

Certified Industrial Hygienists: Industrial hygienists at USCS specialize in assessing and controlling workplace health hazards. They conduct comprehensive evaluations to identify potential occupational health risks, develop strategies for exposure control, and ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.

Certified Safety Professionals: USCS employs certified safety professionals who focus on identifying and mitigating safety risks in various environments. They help clients develop and implement effective safety programs, conduct safety audits, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Emergency Response Team: USCS has an emergency response team consisting of experienced professionals who are trained to handle environmental emergencies. They provide rapid response and expert guidance in situations such as chemical spills, natural disasters, and other environmental crises.