When you need a experienced expert team, call US CLAIMS SOLUTIONS. From the moment of the initial assignment our team springs into action with the immediate goal of moving the claim forward to help you in returning your insured to a pre-loss condition. We understand how important it is to professionally and quickly complete an assignment. USCS team members are veterans with years of detailed experience. We strive to provide our customers with the best customer service by responding quickly to any questions and needs because without our customers USCS would not be where it is today. Call us whenever you need a expert!

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Our experienced claim agents are available round-clock, all year long!


We can have one of our experienced agents on-site within hours!


Our agents are always professional and respectful of job sites.


We follow OSHA rules & regulations and provide our own OSHA approved equipment for your job.

US Claims Solutions Stats

We pride ourselves for having such a long-standing record of excellence in handling our client's claims.

3000+ Claims approved

100+ nationwide Secured Buyers

15+ Years in large and commercial losses

50+ years in Firearms & Jewelry



Expecting the unexpected and being prepared for the worst case scenario is what we at USCS do. The US Claims Solutions (USCS) expert team has experience working with FEMA, City/State and local officials during catastrophes. USCS has been involved in clean-up efforts for hurricanes IKE, Katrina, Matthew and many others. USCS offers a range of services from logistics such as providing water to FEMA to inventorying local stores in the community such as a hardware store. We have experience working closely with the insured during their most difficult time. We use our experience to help complete needed tasks quickly and efficiently. Our immediate goal is to get a damaged business "back up and running" so the insured is back in business quickly to keep their customers and business "alive" for years to come. We leave the insured feeling satisfied, filled with appreciation and respect for the work that we at USCS do under the harshest of environments. We are always prepared and await your call 24/7!

Commercial Claims & Commercial Large Loss Claims

US Claims Solutions works on claims nationwide ranging from small valuations (ITV’s) from a local doctors office to large projects such as a 2-month inventory of a fulfillment center to include pack-outs. We work closely with the adjustment team an...

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Cargo & Inspections

US Claims Solutions has a network of buyers nationwide for all types of product. We have 15+ years of building relationships with buyers and suppliers to help us get the best dollar for whatever product we are selling. USCS has inspectors in almost e...

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US Claims Solutions works with insurance companies nationwide to help recover lost dollars on firearms and collectibles. USCS evaluates and appraises the firearms, coins, watches, swords and almost any other collectible item. USCS works with the insu...

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Jewelry Appraisal

US Claims Solutions works with a large jewelry company that has wholesale and retail locations. They do appraisals for other insurance carriers who only insure jewelry and watches. US Claims Solutions has an outstanding reputation for great returns o...

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Firearms Appraisal

USCS (FF&O) has specialized in appraising inventory for many years. One of the most common questions we get is “Can you appraise my guns?” The answer is YES! For years we have specialized in knowing the worth of gun collections that Steps For...

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Environmental Health & Safety

USCS leads the industry to help solve problems in the environmental community. Bacteriologists, Certified Floodplain Managers, Certified Hazardous Materials Managers, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals, Emergency Response...

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Construction Claims Services

USCS focuses on giving a fair analysis from our years of experience to give an independent analysis on various construction claims. Services: Change Order Analysis, Contract Default & Termination, Damage calculation & Assessments, Productivit...

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Available Nationwide

With USCS you have a guarantee that we will help you get what you need done wherever you are located. USCS is here for you 24/7. Contact us today to start your claim or appraisal. ...

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Previous Work

Previous Work

Here are a few of our past projects.

Secured the Location

Inventoried and removed all salvageable items. Inventoried and Disposed of any non salvageable items

Inventoried and removed all salvageable items. Inventoried and Disposed of non salvageable items.

Inventoried and removed all salvageable items. Inventoried and Disposed of non salvageable items.

Staging the product to be boxed up for post salvage sale.

Staging the product to be boxed up for post salvage sale.

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